Biography : Eléonore Emaldi tells her story

"If you asked me when I was first attracted to fashion, I would say that it dates back to my childhood. As a matter of fact, I always admired my mother who was my first muse, with her feminine and sophisticated outfits. I remember also those moments of pure enchantment when we looked at images in art books in the evening: I was fascinated by the precision of the details, the way colors were combined in paintings and also the style, intensity and strength in the lines in architecture.

At school, my passion for drawing was limitless and I made sketches all over my textbook. As for my outfits, I already cultivated my personal style without being influenced by current fashion trends.

Shortly after graduating with a scientific degree from high school, I left Italy for Paris, the city of lights, to study fashion at the most prestigious and ancient school, the Ecole de la Chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne. It was like a dream come true. The way the fabrics felt when I touched them invigorated my artistic skills and my aesthetic sensibility. Translating sketches into garments, building volumes and proportions, it all felt like magic to me. I was delighted and stimulated.

After I got my degree, I started working in the dress section of Monsieur Ungaro's couture house. I was highly impressed by his art of mixing beautiful fabrics. Later on, working with Gianfranco Ferré at Dior, I intensified my understanding of sartorial architecture in suits. Eventually, I realized an entire fashion collection named Tasha for Laëtitia Scherrer.

At this stage I took the decision to launch my own couture inspired fashion label, based on two ready-to-wear collections per year : my goal was to offer stylish silhouettes, easy-to-wear outfits, in small volumes, all manufactured in Italy. Since I was very much attracted to the superb Saint-Gemain-des-Prés district, I established in a nice and cozy boutique in this neighborhood, located in a historic building on 5, rue de Tournon, surrounded by beautiful mansions and splendid decors which host the traditional, local artisanat.

Here I met - and still meet - with great pleasure the ladies who appreciate my work : I advise them with my team, like friends, and I help them highlight their image and optimize their body shape while respecting their personality. And of course, I still deeply enjoy my work as a designer, especially when it comes to choose the fabrics which are the starting point of each collection. The colors, the textures, the fabric weaves and the patterns always inspire me and trigger my creativity.

Each collection is the expression of a new atmosphere, partly my own life story and partly the influence of the latest fashion trends. Like a thread connecting my life and my work."