Private session

Parisian women are feminine, fashionable, and full of charm, and women all over the world want to know their secrets.  Their legendary attitude of natural elegance is easily obtained when you participate in our fashion program, The Parisienne.  Under the expert guidance of our image consultant and a Parisian fashion designer, you will learn a variety of tricks & techniques that will give you the confidence to present yourself with an alluring presence and a touch of seduction, like a true Parisienne.  

In order to achieve an elegant personal wardrobe, it’s essential to begin with a description of the core pieces that fit the demands of your lifestyle. You will discover how versatile your wardrobe can become when you learn the Parisian style tricks.  You will also see how accessorizing an outfit can transform it into a beautiful, chic silhouette. After this initial presentation by our expert fashion & image consultant, you will have the perfect opportunity to discuss your personal style questions and concerns and practice the newly acquired knowledge.

A true jewel of a fashion experience awaits you during this session. You will have the privilege to meet the designer Eleonore Emaldi who is celebrated in Paris for her amazing artistry in mixing fabrics to create delightfully chic, feminine ready-to-wear collections.  You will spend a private moment in her boutique where you will see everything a woman could want from day wear to cocktail to evening gowns. 

Eleonore’s artistic talent is now sought after by women all over the world who wish to build a unique, fantastic wardrobe.  She understands perfectly how to style each of her clients, and she is able to design custom-made, tailored pieces for those women who wish to be adorned in her one-of-a-kind creations. Additionally she explains to her clients how to enhance their body shape, naturally and effortlessly.

Needless to say, you will return home knowing how to build a wardrobe that showcases your own personal charm mixed with Parisian elegance!

Details :
Private style and fashion consultations upon appointment
Sessions available from Monday to Friday, from 10.30 AM, for 1 to 2 ladies
Please email us for any inquiries